Leaning, Leveling, and Foundation Repair

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 Leaning Mailboxes

Mailboxes can lean because they have no foundation, their foundation was poured incorrectly, or the original contractors did not allow the ground to settle before rushing in to finish the neighborhood.

When a mailbox has an improper foundation, all it takes for the mailbox to lean is for the ground to become saturated with water. The mailbox will sink into the wet ground and, if the ground beneath it is uneven, it will lean.  If the ground was not compacted or allowed to settle after initial landscaping, even a perfect foundation will not prevent a mailbox from leaning over a few years.

Some people may try to push their mailbox back up and put more dirt or concrete under it to straighten it up. This works temporarily if the mailbox is not damaged in the process, but the next good rain softens the ground again and the leaning continues.

We will pour a complete 4″ foundation under your existing mailbox to keep it from leaning for years to come. We will demolish and remove your old foundation as necessary and pour a new, proper one without having to demolish your mailbox in the process.  Adding a good foundation preserves your original mailbox and usually costs only 40% as much as a standard demolition and rebuild.

If your mailbox is leaning, let us know.  Leaning mailbox repair generally costs $500: Get a Quote Now