Broken Mailboxes and Masonry Repair

click to enlargeMailboxes are most commonly broken in traffic accidents.  If a mailbox has been completely demolished a rebuild is the only option, but in many cases repairs are possible.

Sometimes, when a mailbox is broken and shifted off center, but has not fallen over, contractors may offer to simply fill in the gaps with mortar.  This can leave the mailbox out of alignment or even structurally unsound.

We can fix many broken mailboxes without rebuilding. We will reset your mailbox to its original alignment before making any other repairs to ensure that you will not have future problems with leaning from uneven weight distribution.

If your mailbox has significant cracking in the mortar, but is otherwise fine, we can grind out the damaged mortar and replace it without demolishing your mailbox.  This process can be done locally (for the lowest price) and can be done to the entire mailbox (for the best finished appearance).


Small repairs that involve only mortar or a few cracked bricks must be priced on an individual basis. Broken mailbox repairs for major damage generally cost $600-$750.

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