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Brick Mailbox Repair and Replacement in Dallas and East Texas

Get your curb appeal back!  We make repairs that others won’t even attempt.  Whether you’re facing heat from your Homeowner’s Association or looking to get your home’s appearance back in order, we can help.  We offer a range of repair services to help you recover the appearance and functionality of your brick mailbox even if you’ve been told you need to pay for a new one.

If you really do need a replacement, we feel your pain.  We offer good prices on quality new brick mailboxes.

Leaning Mailboxesclick to enlarge

Mailboxes lean because of wet soil, poor foundations, or construction mistakes.  They detract from your home’s appearance, and sometimes they can fall over completely.  We will remove your mailbox and pour a new, level foundation before reinstalling and leveling your mailbox.  Our flat-bottomed foundations resist leaning from cracked or saturated soil and solve many construction errors.  You can expect our repair to stand straight longer than the original.   Leaning single mailboxes can be straightened for $500 in most cases.  Double or over-sized mailboxes can be straightened for $600

click to enlargeDamaged Mailboxes

Mailboxes are in high-traffic areas.  When your mailbox is hit by a car you may find yourself on the hook for a replacement.  We will provide you with an official quote to help you deal with insurance claims.  Whenever possible we will reassemble your mailbox from the broken pieces instead of just billing you for a full rebuild.  Each repair job is different, so if you aren’t sure if it’s possible, give us the chance.  Broken mailboxes repair services start at $600 and are priced on a case-by-case basis.


Mailbox Doors

Mailbox inserts rust and wear out over time.  If your mailbox door is just barely holding on you don’t have to pay for a complete replacement of your mailbox.  Replacing the metal insert involves costly disassembly that can be more expensive than a full replacement.  We can install a replacement mailbox door that is rustproof, durable, and attractive at a fraction of the price of other options.  Save yourself the pain of shopping for a new mailbox with this smart, cost-saving option.  Our replacement mailbox doors can be installed for $250 for standard boxes and up to $350 for over-sized boxes.


New Mailboxes

Sometimes a rebuild is your only option.  If your mailbox has been reduced to a pile of rubble, or if your repair bill has surpassed the cost of a new box, we can provide cost-effective options for replacement.  We can offer a wide range of possible designs.  We can match your old mailbox, your neighborhood style, or build an entirely different one.  Standard single mailboxes can be built for $800.

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